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we continue. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. 6:00 on this thursday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us on this thursday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff and we will find that what we can expect for today. >> it will be pretty mild today. we are in the 7's today. throughout the day, even with added clouds, we will still be toasty. -- we're in the 70's today. i do think thunderstorms will be moving in later. they will probably be in here after 7:00 tonight with some heft storms and possibly some gusty winds. the front pushes through. the forecast calls for partly sunny, still warm, a touch of
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humidity. storms possible through the evening hours. >> 395 northbound after the 14th street bridge, there is a broken-down vehicles after the exit for the third street tunnel. coming up the rd is the volume. this is 95 live in virginia. could it and out of baltimore. heavier volume but pretty good shape. >> thank you. 6:01. we have breaking news where president obama and russian president are about to sign a landmark nuclear arms treaty. this is the so-called new start treaty and calls for each country to reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile by a third. president obama outlined his goal of eliminating nuclear weapons carried this treat must be approved by the senate and
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the russian parliament. we will follow this story as it breaks. a diplomat cause in mid air scare late last night after reportedly lighting a cigarette in an airplane bathroom. this happened on a flight to denver. the man apparently made a joke about the shoe bomb. no one is laughing this morning. pamela brown has the latest details. good morning. >> this is a bizarre storyhat at one time was very alarming. a diplomat was supposedly on his way to denver on official and the seed business occurred he found himself at the center of a terror investigation. this is because of a cigarette and a joke. this is the scene on the tarmac after what authorities are calling is sarcastic joke turned into a bomb scare. flights 663 took off for denver.
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chaos erupted. air marshals on board were alerted of smoke coming from a bathroom. when they asked the man what he was doing, he said, i am lighting my shoes on fire. the man in question is a diplomat. after the plane landed safely, mohamed al-madidi was searched. nothing was found. >> some guy got mad in first class and have a tantrum. he was kind of chocolate about it. >> this highligs how seriously potential terrorist threats are taken by the u.s. richard reid tried to blow up an american airlines flight with a shoe bomb. betting to concerns, officials issued a report to congress that set another terror threat against the u.s. is serving within the next six months.
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coming up, we will have reaction from te qatar and the sea. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. more breaking news. several families are out on the street after a devastating fire. mike conneen has the details for us. >> we are here on jacobs drive where 1 4:05 a.m., residents were awoken from a major town home. five homes were affected. multiple neighbors poured out into the street when they heard the alarms. neighbors were banging on doors. it is a two-alarm fire that brought fire companies. it started on the backside of one of the homes and spread quickly to the roost and the neighboring town homes. it even caused some damage to a townhome about 5feet across a
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path. 16 different adults and two in fans have been displaced. three townhomes have been destroyed. these residents say they are in shock. >> i am just so distraught. >> it was so loud. some people were banging on the doors and we saw some light come in. we came out to che and there was fire. " the red cross will assist a couple of these families. the other families are getting help from friends and neighbors in the area. >> thank you. rescuers have entered the west virginia coal mine where four miners are still missing. crews had to wait until deadly gases inside the upper big
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branch mine reduced to safer levels. rescuers will descend 5 miles into the mine. their survival depends on whether the make it to take refuge chambers. there will be another long time of waiting. >> just praying and hoping that everything will turn out good for the four that is missing. >> the mind was cited twice on the day of the explosion. congress is looking into who should be held accountable. two montgomery county teeners are being held. four schools were locked down. the weapon was eight bb gun. two students were arrested. -- the weapon was a bb gun.
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>> the 14-year-old boy is now facing 41 charges occurred they include four counts of first- degree murder. the teenager has a bench trial on may 13. the shooting on south capitol street killed four people and wounded five others. funerals for the shooting victims have been taking place this week. a funeral for brishell jones will happen today in northwest d.c. the funeral will begin at 11:00 a.m. it appears toyota revealed safety problems after an executive told his colleagues to come clean. this now retired vice president told his colleagues that, we're not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. toyota announced it would recall millions of vehicles the
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its problems with sticking accelerators. a confederate controversy. a major a mission lands governor in hot water. >> tiger woods is back. he will tee off for the first time. >>
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6:10 on this thursday morning. adam caskey live in vienna.
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another mild morning. here's a look at the current conditions. a bit of a breeze blowing that pollen around. notice the dew point is higher, low 50's. a little petitte humidity. here is the forecast. -- a little petitte humidity. -- a little added committee. thunderstorms will be rolling through the region. much cooler tomorrow. danner 60 despite sunshine on air friday. i mention the pollen is blowing. you can see it on the screen. it looks like a light snow will fall -- action falling from the snow. hopefully you can pick that up on your television. the pollen count is very high, over 4000 for trees. 90 is considered will wash that
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out later on today. >> we do not have to shovel it or move it out of the road. we will take the pollen. we have plenty of traffic on the the baltimore-washington parkway. headlights heading southbound. you cannot really see it. uneventful on the way between washington and baltimore. normal volume in the cameras on 95 and 66. >> thank you. bob mcdonnell is apologizing for a major omission. he declared april confederate history month in virginia. he made no reference to slavery. that a mission sparked outrage among many virginians. >> this was a civil war and slavery was the controlling and central issue. i do not know anyone would
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differ with that. >> i was trying to keep the focus on the war aspects of it. >> mcdonnell apologized yesterday and updated the proclamation correct it now says slavery led to the civil war. it was and inhumane practices. 69 degrees. if first lady tells abc 7 her favorite things about life in the nation's capital. >> tiger
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welcome back. 6:14. we are following breaking news were five families are homeless after a fire ripped through their the bellman.
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this happened on jacobs drive. three town homes were destroyed. two of them suffered major damage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> a diplomat from qatar sparked a bomb scare when he tried to sneak a cigarette on boara flight from d.c. to denver. he joked he was trying to set his shoes on fire. fighter jets escorted the plane to the airport. officials do not believe he tried to harm anybody. rescuers have entered the west virginia coal mine where four miners are still missing. crews had to wait until deadly gases dropped to save levels. officials say the minors' survival depends on whether they mated to a refuge chambers. today is the big day for tiger woods.
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the golf superstar makes his return to professional golf at the masters. t.j. winick has the latest. >> this is the day tiger gets back to what he has always done best. he has already won the masters four times. he will tee off in a quest for his fifth green jacket. many believe he has to be shown he is worthy of the respect. the fall from grace is that the heart of the new nike advertisement released yesterday come featuring the voice of his late father. " i want to find out what your thinking was. i want to find that what you're r feeling is war and did you learn anything? >> woods says he is encouraged by the reception and he is
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anxious to show his fans and fellow golfers that he has changed. he will tee off on the next-to- last group this afternoon at 1:42 p.m. eastern. t.j. winick, abc news. 6:17 on this thursday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> any major issues? >> not at all around town as far as beltway or interstate travel. we go to 270 traffic southbound. normal stuff here to hyattstown. in virginia, pretty good shape up to the pentagon. 395 is starting to build in volume. >> look at the shot with the cold front off to the west. it will be slicing through the area later on tonight. it looks like the stronger storms will be along front.
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is working its way through during the evening hours. lee rushed to early overnight time frame as it moves eastward. plenty of sunshine. more clouds around than yesterday. it will still be a mild day. we have a pretty shot this morning. you can see the sun coming up across the area. the sun will be up before 6:58. 0. it is kind of sticky outside this morning. the front slowly moves across the area. probably not around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, the sun returns. only about 60. sunshine on saturday. the weekend will be bork refreshen and the pollen be washed out. storms into the evening.
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lots of sunshine after tonight. it will be more refreshen around here. not a bad-looking forecast. >> thank you. merger talks between two big u.s. airlines. surprising news ahead of the tax deadline. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> we begin with merger talks in the airline industry. united airways and u.s. airways are talking about a possible tie up. this is the third time these airlines have tried to make a deal. the biggest hurdle could be their complex labor contracts curried a new e-mail from toyota could prove costly. five days before it announced a massive recall, an executive warned colleagues they need to come clean. toyota faces a record fine
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from the government. general motors says things are looking up despite losing more than $4 billion after emerging from bankruptcy last year. they say they could turn a profit as early as this year. the era of record low mortgage rates is over. rates climb to more than 5.3% this week. many buyer are racing to close deals to lock in rates before they go even higher. they are rising because of the improving economy. tax day is just a week away. it will 15th is just another date on the calendar for about half of americans. thr incomes were too low a qualified for enough deductions and exemptions. most people are required to file by the return. the queen of daytime tv is ready
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to take on the night. oprah winfrey is scheduled to say she will host an evening show on her new network. is expected to debut late next year. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. 6:21, 69 degrees. >> one on one with the first lady. what they're on "oprah," couples who ha not been intimate in years.
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the first lady is stepping up her campaign against childhood obesity. she took questions from student reporters yesterday. she said government cannot solve the problem of childhood obesity. parents and children have to take the initiative. maybe you have been hoping to run into the president and first lady around town. cynne simpson sat down with michelle obama at the white house to find out her favorite places away from pennsylvania avenue. we take a look at the obama's out on the town. >> i love latin food and it is a good menu and good margaritas. >> below sneak peek.
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stay tuned for a full look at the first lady's favorites. 6:25. >> still to come, is sarcastic joked sparks a mid-air scare. authorities have a diplomat in custody. we will have a live report. >> we will have the latest on efforts to rescue those missing miners. >> we are live in the weather
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welcome back, everybo, on this thursday morning. president obama in the czech republic getting ready to sign a new nuclear treaty with russia. rescue crews are inside that mine in west virginia looking for those four trapped men. we will have the latest of those stores. we say good morning. . i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. we will have the latest on those stories and much more. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we need to cool down. >> the big change will be tomorrow. we will go from 90 today to 60 tomorrow. back.l nknock the pollen
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adam was showing those great shots. it looked like it was flurrying. we will see showers and thunderstorms. severe weather is a possibility. the timing of this is such it will be later into the drive time. for us in the matra, probably after 6:00 p.m. i the evening -- for us in the metro. the biggest threat is gusty winds and some hail. low to mid 80's. the sunshine stilbenes through. it will cap temperatures before they hit 90. some storms could be strong by tonight. stay with us throughout the day. " we have an accident in prince willem county joplin road shut
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down between johnson wrote independent help. they have to put up a new poll and wires. it is a complicated scenario. this is the baltimore-washington parkway. north and southbound no good between laurel and greenbelt. this is 95 virginia. plenty of headlights to get up and to springfield from woodbridge. >> thank you. we begin with the latest developments from the airplane disturbance over denver. authorities will not file charges against a diplomat whose bark the bomb scare. it happened last night. -- the diplomat who sparked the bomb scare. pamela brown has more details. good morning. >> this is no laughing matter. investigators do not believe that men posed any harm.
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he was a subject of an alarming situation that involves fighter jets the plane full of frightened passengers. this is the scene after what authorities are call it a sarcastic joke turned into a bomb scare . scare663 took off about -- flight 663 took off from d.c. bound for denver. there was smoke coming from a bathroom. the man said, i am lighting my shoes on fire. the man in question is a diplomat from the qatar and the seat in washington, 27-year-old mohamed al-madidi. he was searched and nothing was found. her husband was on the flight. >> some guy got mad in first class and got a tantrum. >> this shows how serious
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potential terrorist threats u.s. richard reid tried to blow up an american airlines flight with a shoe bomb. in response to this, the ambassador of qatar said, the diplomat was traveling to denver on official embassy business and he was not being gauged in any trading activity. he urges all concerned parties to avoid reckless judgment and speculation. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are following breaking news at greenbelt were several families are out on the street after a devastating fire there. mike conneen is live on the scene with the details. good morning to you. >> all of these individuals got out safely. there are no reported injuries. what happened was residents here
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say a fire started in one of these townhomes and quickly spread to the adjacent town homes. five townhomes in all are affected. three of the destroyed. fire level the backside of these homes. two other homes suffered smoke and water damage. 16 adults and two infants are homeless. these families are being assisted by families and friends and the red cross. they said there were confused initially about what was going on. there was people running outside yelling, fire, fire. people were knocking at our door. we were not sure -- we heard a lot of pops. i was unsure of the was gunfire or not. " it was a blessing that nobody got hurt her it really is a
6:34 am
blessing. >> damage is estimate damage is $200,000 per unit. there were no sprinklers in these units. >> thank you. 6:34. in west virginia, crews are mounting a rescue attempt for those missing miners. hope is fading day will be found alive. authorities are offering a live update right now. let's listen in. >> the families are very hopeful and very prayerful that today we can put it finale to this today, that we can have a conclusion to this and that we can hopefully start returning the loved ones to the family members. that is where we are. i know it has been a long time. i know it has been trying and
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everybody. the bottom line is safety -- the order has been the driving force, not to put the rescue orders in any type of danger. is not inherent with a risky operation. we want to make sure they could have the safest conditions. we feel conditions are the best they could be and it is time to move and they worked fiercely. if you're looking for timetables, we will go back to the two-our rotations. 308:30, 10:30, and 12:30. we have asked a lot of questions about can they move over this and do this and that. we know they have been there before. we have three in this area.
6:36 am
we have one along here. we are not sure if we can get back here. they will move as rapidly as they possibly can. if something happens before the intervals of our updates for you, will come back. we will go to the family's first and we'll come to you and let you know where we are. >> that is the governor of west virginia on the efforts to recover bodies and find some miners that may still alive. the bottom line is that safety is the number-one issue. there's still some methane gas and they're using extraordinary precautions. you can see president obama putting pen to paper sitting next to the russian president. they're currently in the czech republic and they are right now signing landmark nuclear weapons treaty with russia.
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mr. obama and russian president are signing this new start treaty and it calls for each country to reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile by 1/3. we'll be following this story today as well. the 14-year-old who allegedly drove the minivan in last week's shooting in southeast d.c. now faces 41 charges. they include four charges of first-degree murder while armed kurds he has another hearing on april 15. the shooting on south capitol street killed four people and wounded five others. two teenagers have been charged. the was the report of a gun at st. albans school. four schools were locked down police determined the weapon was a bb gun.
6:38 am
two students were arrested. former maryland governor bob ehrlich was hit the campaign trail today occurred he will stop in hagerstown and frederick curd he announced his candidacy yesterday. his announcement sets up a rematch with governor martin o'malley. in d.c., vincent gray has been cleared of ethics charges. the office of campaign finance ruled he did not receive special treatment from a developer who did work on his house last year. they said he did not file it campaign finance laws by using official stationery to solicit donations for the democratic party. controversy around the health-care fight has produced some health care fund raising
6:39 am
for both sides. >> the republican national committee raised more than 11 million dollars. the democrats raised more than $13 million. the democrats raised more than $13 million. that proves
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hello. >> join us for a show full of vigor skating champions. but 7:00 p.m. april 8 at the verizon center. >> good morning, washington. 6:42. adam caskey live in vienna. this is at the intersection of maple and mill. let's take a look at our weatherbug network. looking east and you will see mainly clear skies with a few high thin clouds. that is a view on top of the weather center if you minutes before 6:45. 70 degrees right now at reagan national. 69 in vienna. a cold front is moving through. it will cool our temperatures and trigger a line of
6:43 am
thunderstorms beten 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. tonight. the leading edge will be between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. across our regio near 60 and summit tomorrow. back to real springlike weather. -- near 60 and sunday tomorrow. " no accidents between fderick and the lane divide for the beltway. slowing on the outer loop. that is where newschopper 7 is. outer loop heading for the mormon temple. just the normal volume beyond. what a gorgeous day. pretty in virginia. let's go together. 66 these down, not much. slowing out of manassas and then from 7100 to the vienna metro station. this is 95 traffic live. back to you. >> thank you. back to you. >> thank you.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weaer, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back, everybody. let's get a checkup as borden's top story. a flight from d.c. to denver was escorted to the denver airport after an incident involving a qatari diplomat. authorities said he tried to smoke on the plane and joked he was trying to light his shoes on fire. authorities say he probably will not face any charges.
6:47 am
president obama and me to medvedev have signed a landmark nuclear arms treaty in prague per calls for each country to reduce its stockpile but up to 1/3. the deal must be approved by the senate and the russian parliament. >> rescuers have entered the west virginia coal mine where four mins e still missing. crews deadly gas levels dropped to safe levels. ers' ials cite the mino survival depends on whether they made it too late refuge chambers. tiger woods tees off at the masters today. he has won the masters four times during his career. 6:47. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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>> let's begin with brian van de graaff and the latest on their forecast for it is still very warm. >> we have a cold front that will be swimming through. we will see storms this evening and cooler weather tomorrow. we have some high clouds out there. it looks like a mild start today. 70 degrees in some spots. mid 70's in some spots her the have dropped 69 in fairfax. 66 in monrovia. we will show you what is coming down the pike. the cold front will slice into the early evening hours and bring with it some thunder boomers. some could pack a punch. it will affect the early evening. let's look at the maps. partly sunny, warm air continues out of the south and west.
6:49 am
the storms will approach the western areas. moving eastward. cool, drier air moving in with temperatures about 60. sunshine on saturday. los 70's by sunday occurred it does get more comfortable. will be washed out of here. some scattered thunderstorms could develop. hale and dangers wind gusts are possibilities with these storms. the wallpaper by the time we had to dawn. temperatures will be cooler, about 50. highs tomorrow only about 60 degrees. factor in the gusty winds and it will feel cooler. the pattern will remain in
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welcome back. president obama and the russian president have now signed a new nuclear treaty. >> mike allen is here with the latest details on this historic moment. critics say it is a deeply flawed strategy.
6:53 am
>> will see that debate played out in washington. the president will need eight votes to get this ratified. the president said he wanted. there will be debate are republicans about the president's broader nuclear strategy and just how much he has taken nuclear arms off the table. for the administration, president is backing his russian counterpart. amazing. this would not have happened and this is a moment that shows old enemies can make agreements together. >> these are live pictures. the russian president speaking in prague. >> he will go longer than obama. >> as you were saying, this is not even as much about the nuclear part as it is the resetting of the russian-u.s. relations. >> i think that it's a great
6:54 am
point. have really gone downhill. russia has done much more oppressive and the opportunity for businesses and free expression had been going the oppositeay. this is an opportunity for that. and also china. relations there have been going south. tim geithner landed in beijing. that is a sign of progress there. the president has some real accomplishments to talk about. he said his goal of a nuclear- free world will be something that will happen in the long term. >> ahmadinejad is looking at this and quoted as saying the president is an amateur. he continues to build away. >> the nuclear posture has a loophole to take care of iran. president left that on the table. look at those remarks. he is considering his audience.
6:55 am
>> ok. mike allen, always great to see you. have a great day. we have a quick update. breaking stories right now. five families are homeless after a fire ripped through the development in greenbelt. this happen on jacobs drive. three town homes were destroyed. because of the fire is under investigation. in west virginia, rescue crews are searching for four missing miners. brianne carter has more. >> we heard from the governor and officials in west virginia giving us an update on that rescue mission that is under way today. crews went into the upper big branch mine before 5:00 a.m. this morning. they estimate the crews will reach the area some time around noon today.
6:56 am
rescuers had to wait until shafts were drilled and dangers methane gas levels were safe enough for them to enter. this could be some closure for spam was holding out hope. hey hope the miners serve five. we are expecting to get another update later this morning and we will continue to follow this story. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> 270, 66, 95, just the growing volume of traffic. >> one more warm day today, the 80's, with pollen still high. showers will move in tonight. much cooler tomorrow, near 60. the weekend [ beeping ]
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